T-Rey began its path in 1999 by Brian Watson. T-Rey started off as a Real Estate Firm, buying and leasing commercial buildings for the oil industry. As the oil industry shifted, Mr. Watson decided to become more involved with the growing oil industry and developed his own water transfer division under T-Rey. Present day, T-Rey is now one of the oldest water transfer companies in the Permian Basin with high expectations to grow the company to its full potential.


Committed to Safety and Service

T-Rey Properties Employee


Mission Statement

T-Rey’s mission is to provide superior service to our customers while displaying our knowledge of experience and safety.


Brian Watsun

President: Brian Watson


Cliff Ward

Operations Division Manager: Cliff WardC

Kayla Everett

Sales/Marketing: Kayla Everett


Trey Watson

Rental Division Manager: Trey Watson


Jase Kolb

Pipeline Division Manager: Jase Kolb


Kevin Smith

Safety Manager: Kevin Smith


Alex Barrera

Trash/Toilet Combo Trailer Manager: Alex Barrera


Dutton Watson

Field Operations Supervisor: Dutton Watson