T-Rey began its path in 1999 as a Real Estate Firm, buying and leasing commercial buildings for the oil industry. As the oil industry shifted, T-Rey evolved to become more involved with the growing oil industry and developed the water transfer division. Present day, T-Rey is now one of the oldest water transfer companies in the Permian Basin with high expectations to grow the company to its full potential.


Committed to Safety and Service

T-Rey Properties Employee


Mission Statement

T-Rey’s mission is to provide superior service to our customers while displaying our knowledge of experience and safety.


Brian Watsun

President: Brian Watson


Cliff Ward

Operations Division Manager: Cliff Ward

Trey Watson

Rental Division Manager: Tres Watson


Jase Kolb

Water Treatment Manager: Jase Kolb


Kevin Smith

Safety Manager: Kevin Smith


Alex Barrera

Trash/Toilet Combo Trailer Manager: Alex Barrera


Dutton Watson

Field Operations Manager: Dutton Watson